StormAudio在ISE 2017发布全新AV放大器I.ISP 3D.16.12

The Super AVR is being revealed to the European market by StormAudio at ISE 2017. The I.ISP 3D.16.12 is a 16-channel integrated amplifier/immersive audio AV processor compatible with Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and UHD 4K video. The unit outputs 12 channels at 200W each and is expandable to 16 channels by way of optional external amplifiers or powered subwoofers.

The I.ISP 3D.16.12 is said to incorporate much of the technology advancement and feature sets found in the company’s ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition processor. Built into the I.ISP 3D.16.12 integrated amp/processor is StormAudio’s proprietary immersive audio processing (ISP), StormOptimizer room calibration and StormRemote web-based monitoring tools.

The I.ISP 3D.16.12 is equipped with eight HDMI inputs and two outputs with UHD 4K and HDCP2.2 and HDMI2.0 support. For private headphone listening, the unit incorporates SpherAudio, a binaural technology designed to deliver an immersive sound experience from native or virtualised sources.

“StormAudio’s mission is to provide unprecedented sound and service for both the dealer and end-user,” said StormAudio senior vice president Yves Trélohan. “Our new I.ISP 3D.16.12 is no exception. It is the perfect solution for today’s home cinemas where use of separate preamp/processors and amps are not ideal due to either budget or space limitations. From its advanced feature sets and performance, to luxurious fit-and-finish, the I.ISP 3D.16.12 is a new breed of Integrated Immersive Sound AV Processor that is alreadyg setting the standard for what the heart of the immersive home cinema should be.”

Stand: 1-N122

Super AVR正在StormEudio的ISE 2017上向欧洲市场透露。I.ISP 3D.16.12是一款兼容Auro-3D,Dolby Atmos,DTS:X和UHD 4K的16通道集成放大器/身临其境的音频AV处理器视频。该单元每路200W输出12个通道,并可通过可选的外部放大器或有源超低音扬声器扩展至16个通道。

据称,I.ISP 3D.16.12包含了该公司的ISP 3D.32 ELITE |中的许多技术进步和功能集。参考版处理器。内置于I.ISP 3D.16.12集成放大器/处理器的是StormAudio专有的沉浸式音频处理(ISP),StormOptimizer房间校准和StormRemote基于网络的监测工具。

I.ISP 3D.16.12配有8路HDMI输入和2路输出,支持UHD 4K和HDCP2.2以及HDMI2.0。对于私人耳机收听,该设备融合了SpherAudio,这是一种双耳技术,旨在通过本地或虚拟来源提供身临其境的音效体验。

“StormAudio的使命是为经销商和最终用户提供前所未有的声音和服务,”StormAudio高级副总裁YvesTrélohan说。 “我们新的I.ISP 3D.16.12也不例外。这是当今家庭影院的完美解决方案,由于预算或空间限制,使用单独的前置放大器/处理器和放大器并不理想。从先进的功能集和性能到豪华的贴合和完成,I.ISP 3D.16.12是集成沉浸式声音AV处理器的新品种,它已经为沉浸式家庭影院的核心设定了标准。 “。